Tips on reducing your waste

There is so much you can do to reduce your waste. Take a look at the tips below for more information.


In Basingstoke and Deane we know that a lot of what people throw away in their grey bins can be recycled.

Recycling all of your glass bottles and jars in your glass crate and all of your plastic bottles, tins, cans, paper and cardboard and aerosols in your green wheeled bin will free up space in your waste bin.

Reducing your waste

There are so many ways to reduce your waste and the best one is to look at your packaging.

What are you buying in packaging that you could buy loose?

Swap items in packing for those in recyclable or less packaging:

  • Juice cartons - buy juice in plastic bottles.
  • Tomatoes in cartons - buy in tins.
  • Butter in tubs - buy a block of butter in a wrapper.
  • Lots of convenience food has lots of plastic packaging- can you use an alternative.

What are you using that is disposable?

  • Cups, straws, plates
  • Swap cling film for reusable containers

Squashing and filling is another great space saver

Squash your juice cartons and yogurt pots.

Squash every last bit of air out of your bin bags before tying them up...this saves lots of space!

Are you due to buy rubbish bags? Try the smaller ones as they leave less gaps of wasted space in your bin.

Fill your other tubs with other rubbish before throwing away.


If you have ever been tempted to start composting now is the time. It is the perfect time of year and a great way to waste less and make the most of your fruit and vegetable peelings, egg shells and garden waste.

Waste reduction

Love Food Hate Waste top tips:

  • Plan your meals, including how much of something you need to buy.
  • Make a shopping list of what you need for your meals and stick to it.
  • Freeze food, most food can be frozen and saved for a later date.
  • Keep your fruit ad vegetables in the fridge to keep fresh.
  • Check your fridge is 5oC and not warmer, this is the best temperature for keeping food fresh.