These items are recycled with Terracycle, who collect all the items below, then makes them into new products. As part of these schemes, we are awarded points for every box sent off to them and then rewarded with points that we can donate to a charity of our choice! We have chosen to collect for the following charities/schools 

Nestle - Accepted Waste:

All brands of plastic confectionery packaging are accepted in the programme such as:

  • Plastic chocolate and sweets pouches and bags
  • Chocolate and sweets multipack outer plastic packaging 
  • Individual chocolate bar wrappers
  • Plastic chocolate block wrappers


Biscuits - Accepted Waste:

We accept any brand of biscuit, cracker and cake wrappers such as digestives, rich tea etc. This includes the likes of Penguin's etc but not chocolate bars like Mars, Snickers etc, or the inside plastic tray as they are made from a different material.


Collecting for Village Magpies, Rooks Farm Cottage, The Street, Hook, RG27 9BG


Warburtons – Accepted Waste:

  • Any brand of bakery plastic packaging (e.g. plastic trays, zipper bags, plastic packs, etc.)
  • Any brand of plastic bread bags and closure tags



Cathedral City - Accepted Waste:

  • Any brand of flexible plastic cheese packaging and nets.
  • Labels from Cathedral City Minis packs of 6.


Collecting for Burnham Copse Primary, Newchurch Road, RG26 4DA

KP Snacks® Nuts, Popcorn, Crisps and Pretzels Packets Accepted Waste:

  • Nuts, popcorn, crisps and pretzels packets from all brands.



Collecting for Bramley C of E Primary School, Bramley Lane, RG26 5AH

Writing Instruments Accepted Waste:

In this programme all writing instruments (expect for wooden pencils and chalk) are accepted : any brand of pen, felt tip, highlighter, marker, correction fluid pot, correction tape, mechanical pencil and eraser pen (cap included) regardless of their composition (plastic, metal).

Please note that we do not accept glue sticks, erasers, rulers or other cutting objects that could disturb the recycling process


Collecting for St John's Infant, The Street, Mortimer , RG7 3SY

The Colgate® and hello® Oral Care - Accepted Waste:

The following types of oral care products and packaging are accepted in the programme: 

  • Any brand of toothpaste tubes and caps
  • Any brand of plastic toothbrush outer packaging
  • Any brand of toothpaste cartons
  • Any brand of electric and battery toothbrush heads
  • Any brand of plastic toothbrush heads
  • Any brand of plastic toothbrushes
  • Any brand of floss containers and outer packaging


Collecting for Lambs Lane Primary School, Back Lane, Spencers Wood, RG7 1JB

See their website for full details on what you can include - www.terracycle.com/en-GB/brigades

These are returned to manufacturers via local drop-off points or sent directly to them and made into new products!


We are collecting for the following schemes - 

  • The Ferrero Pralines Free Recycling Programme

  • The Flash® Wipes, Cloths and Pads Free Recycling Programme

  • The Kinder Free Recycling Programme

  • The Lily's Kitchen Free Recycling Programme

  • The Babybel® Free Recycling Programme

  • The Pilgrims Choice® Free Recycling Programme

  • The Baylis & Harding Free Recycling Programme

  • The Taylors of Harrogate Free Recycling Programme



Tassimo® & L'OR® Recycling Programme - December 2021

The Pet Food Recycling Programme - December 2021

Walkers - April 2022

Ring Carrier - April 2022